Monday, June 13, 2011

Subahanallah, Albert Einstein was a muslim

During this time many people who do not know what religion professed by Albert Einstein, so do not be surprised if it later emerged the notion that Einstaein are adherents of atheism. But now everything is revealed. Albert Einstein was Muslim. Yes, Einstein was a Muslim.

Iranian news agency IRIB (24 / 9) recently launched a news stating that the scientist Albert Einstein was a devout Shia. Irib quoting a confidential letter of Albert Einstein, German scientist was the inventor of the theory of relativity, which shows that they are adherents of the Islamic schools.

Based on the report site, Einstein in 1954 in a letter to Ayatollah Al-Sayid Udzma Hossein Boroujerdi, a large Shiite Marji at the time, stated, "After 40 times to establish contact with your correspondence (Ayatollah Boroujerdi), now I get religion 12 Shiite sect of Islam and the Imam ".

Einstein in a letter that explains that Islam is more primary than all other religions and call it a religion of the most perfect and rational. Stressed, "If the whole world trying to make me upset with this sacred belief, surely they would not be able to do so even if only to whip out a speck of doubt to me."

Einstein in his last paper titled Die Erklarung (Declaration) written in 1954 in the United States in German reviewed the theory of relativity through the verses of the Quran and sayings of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib as in the book Nahjul Balaghah.

In his paper, Einstein called the description of the travels of Imam Ali Miraj Prophet bodily into heaven and nature malakut are only done in a few seconds as the explanation of Imam Ali as the most valuable.

One of the traditions that became tradition rests is narrated by Allamah Majlisi about physical ascension of the Prophet. It said, "When lifted off the ground, clothes or feet of the Prophet touched a vessel of water that causes water to spill. After the Prophet returned from physical ascension, after going through various times, he saw the water still in a state spilled on the ground. "Einstein saw this tradition as a treasure of knowledge which are very expensive, because it explains the scientific capability of the Shia Imam in the relativity of time. According to Einstein, mathematical formulas bodily resurrection is inversely proportional to the famous formula "relativity of matter and energy."

E = M.C ²>> M = E: C ²

This means that although our bodies turn into energy, he can return the original tangible, alive again.

In his letter to Ayatollah al-Uzma Boroujerdi, as a tribute he always uses the word call "Boroujerdi Senior", and to encouraging the spirit of Prof.. Hesabi (physicist and Einstein was the only student from Iran), he uses the word "Hesabi noble." The original manuscript of this treatise is still stored in a secret London safety box (at the place where Prof. Ibrahim Mahdavi), for security reasons.

Minutes are purchased by prof. Ibrahim Mahdavi (live in London) with the help of one member of the firm Benz carmaker worth 3 million dollars from a Jewish antiquities dealer. Einstein's handwriting on all pages of the booklet had been checked through a computer and proved by experts manuscript.

Source: eramuslim, translated by google, video youtube.


  1. "Ashamed of the fact that Islamic civilization has not managed to produce a single scientist of Einstein’s stature in the modern age, Shi’a News makes a Muslim out of Einstein."

  2. Hahahahahaha...How stupid they only found out recently...of course Einstein was a Muslim. Aren't we all born a Muslim.. There is only one mistake in this article...Einstein was not shia but a soeniet. My advise it to punish the muslim who told this awful lie. Grrr ..Einstein a shia...What next.

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  4. Hmm! Einstein is jewish, ans stop posting such fucking post

  5. Surprised to know it. Of course there are scientific possibilities that Einstein might be surprised to know about the Event of Mairaaj because he believed one day it may be possible to travel with the speed of light. But there remains 40% chances of this news as a hoax.